Smart move for Smarter You!

• Control Everything from your iSync App
• Turn ON yoiur AC before reaching Home
• Schedule your Fan to turn off at 5am
• Turn off your lights without getting off the bed
• Monitor your Home from anywhere in the world!

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Hassle free Gardening now!

• Water your plants at Home from your iSync App
• Click to start watering, or set Timer/Schedule from App
• Basic Model can water upto 20 plants
• Advance Model can water upto 150 plants
• Works over WiFi & Bluetooth
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Starter Pack

₹12999 ₹7500/-

Light control: 4 No.

Fan Control: 1 No.

Heavy appliance (upto 16A) control: 1 No.

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₹29999 ₹18700/-

Light control: 12 No.

Fan Control: 2 No.

AC/TV Control: 1 No.

Heavy appliance (upto 16A) control: 4 No.

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₹39999 ₹26700/-

Light control: 16 No.

Fan Control: 3 No.

AC/TV Control: 2 No.

Heavy appliance (upto 16A) control: 5 No.

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₹54999 ₹33500/-

Light control: 20 No.

Fan Control: 4 No.

AC/TV Control: 3 No.

Heavy appliance (upto 16A) control: 6 No.

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iLogitron Technologies is an experienced and passionate group of engineers, developers, project leaders & designers. Every client we work with becomes a part of the team. Together we face the challenges and celebrate the victories. We provide technology services in the field of Robotics, Electronics and IT. We specialize in Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning,Robotics,Image processing & Web Development.

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Smart Home & Hotels

The Future of Living is here! Its time we turn your Home into a Dream home, with the right touch of luxury & comfort

Smart Agri

Worried about your plants while you are outside? iSync is right here, just give it a voice command and ask it to water your plants 😍

Remote Survilleance Setup

Remotely Monitoring the construction sites in remote places is a reality now, through iLogitron's remote surveillance setup using V-sat / Network Boosters

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Awesome! My family loved it❤️ My mother was hesitant to install this because of esthetics but it went really well. We have set schedule from app. Keep going, Good Wishes👍


Very unique & useful, thnx. Installed it in my balcony garden and everyone appreciated this. Will buy for my sister also

Amit Sengupta